Friday, March 10, 2017

Satisfaction Guaranteed (BACM) - Carl Smith (2004)

01 Are You Teasing Me
02 Satisfaction Guaranteed
03 Guilty Conscience
04 I Overlooked An Orchid
05 Mr. Moon
06 If Teardrops Were Pennies
07 Just Wait 'Til I Get You Alone
08 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
09 Let's Live A Little
10 Me And My Broken Heart
11 My Lonely Heart's Running Wild
12 Our Honeymoon
13 Sing Her A Love Song
14 Hey Joe
15 That's The Kind Of Love I'm Looking For
16 This Orchid Means Goodbye
17 I Won't Be Home
18 Little Girl In My Home Town
19 I Betcha My Heart I Love You
20 This Side Of Heaven
21 Washing My Dreams In Tears
22 (When You Feel Like Your In Love) Don't Just Stand There
23 It's A Lovely World
24 Who'll Buy My Heartache

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