Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Country Legend: Nickels and Dimes And Love - Charley Pride (2003)

01 I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio
02 Shouldn't It Be Easier Than This
03 I Made Love To You In My Mind
04 She's Soft To The Touch (But Hard To Hold)
05 White Houses
06 Amy's Eyes
07 Nickles And Dimes And Love
08 She's Taking It Easy
09 On The Other Hand
10 Look In The Mirror
11 Have I Got Some Blues For You
12 The More I Do
13 You Hold My World Together
14 Your Used To Be
15 Leavin' Never Gets Me Anywhere
16 I Had Her Leavin' Comin'
17 I Can't Stop The Mississippi
18 Where Was I
19 I Wrote The Songs That Broke Her Heart
20 There Ain't No Me (If There Ain't No You)

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