Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cowboy Copas And His Friends (1964)

01 Theme - New Filipino Baby
02 Louisian
03 Orange Blossom Special (Curly Fox)
04 Alabam
05 Fool's Side Of Town (Archie Campbell)
06 Model T And Train Race (Curly Fox)
07 Don't Shake Hands With The Devil
08 Katie Hill (Tommy Vaden)
09 Theme
10 Dreaming (Cowboy Copas and Cathy Copas)
11 Eleven More Months (Cowboy Copas and Johnny Bond)
12 Those Gone And Left Me Blues (Cowboy Copas and his band)
13 Smoke On The Water (Cowboy Copas and Hoss Linnema)
14 Does He Mean That Much To You (Cowboy Copas and his band)
15 Cowboy Copas And Rod Brasfield On Stage
16 Barn Dance Jubilee (Cowboy Copas and Benny Martin)

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