Friday, April 21, 2017

Being Together / The Country Side Of Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery (1966)

01 Being Together
02 If I Were (Gene Pitney Solo)
03 We Haven't Tried
04 This Precious Love
05 There's Gonna Be More Loving
06 Don't Put An End To Me (Melba Solo)
07 Baby Ain't That Fine
08 I'm Looking For The Man (Melba Solo)
09 Lay Down Your Arms
10 Everybody Knew But You And Me
11 King And Queen
12 June Is As Cold As December
13 For Me This Is Happy
14 I'm Gonna Listen To Me
15 She Still Thinks I Care
16 I'm Up To My Neck In IOU's
17 The More I Saw Of Her
18 A Thousand Arms
19 Drinking From The Well Of Your Love
20 Life To Go
21 I'd Like To See Me Stop You
22 Won't Take Long

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