Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Hickory Years - Carl Smith

Volume 1
01 Loose Talk
02 Roly Poly
03 If You Don't, Somebody Else Willl
04 Show Me a Brick Walll
05 This Lady Loving Me
06 One Thing Leads to Another
07 Pinball Machine
08 Remembered By Someone (Remembered By Me)
09 She Is
10 She's Got That Oklahoma Look
11 There Stands the Glass
12 There's Nobody Home On the Range Anymore
13 This Kinda Love Ain't Meant Sunday School
14 Did We Have to Come This Far to Say Goodbye
15 Dreaming Again
16 Drinking Champagne
17 The Girl I Love
18 Not Once But a Hundred Times
19 May You Never Be Alone Like Me

Volume 2
01 A Pair of Wings for Me
02 Silver-Tongued Cowboy
03 Till I Stop Needing You
04 The Way I Lose My Mind
05 A Way With Words
06 I Can't Go On This Way
07 I Can't Get You Out of My Mind
08 I'll Never Do It Next Time
09 Its Gonna Be One of Those Days
10 Its Teardrop Time
11 I Tried, But I Couldn't Do It
12 It Takes Four Feet (To Make a Yard)
13 Just Because I'm Still In Love With
14 Lost Highway
15 Give Me Liberty or Give Me All Your Love
16 Happy Birthday My Darlin'
17 I Ain't Getting Nowhere With You
18 I Can't Get That Last Memory Down                                                              
19 Everything I Touch Turns to Sugar


  1. Wow Carl Smith! and I'm old enough to remember Carl Smith...Many Thanks Maria! Jugears

  2. how come you don't update every day ?