Monday, October 2, 2017

There's Good Rocking Tonight - Billy Jack Wills

01 Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues
02 Bottle Baby Boogie
03 She's A Quarter Horse Type (Of A Gal)
04 Cadillac In Model 'A'
05 Out Of Gas
06 I Don't Want To Live Alone
07 Teardrops On A Diary
08 For The Children's Sake
09 There's Good Rockin' Tonight
10 Red Mittens
11 Hey Lula (Hey Lu-La)
12 Four Beers And Forty Tears
13 All She Wants To Do Is Rock
14 When A New Love Is Born
15 Hey Mr. Mailman
16 I Loved And Lost
17 My Shoes Keep Walkin' Back To You
18 You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone
19 Troubles (Those Lonesome Kind)
20 Not Very Long
21 Cadillac In Model 'A' (KFBK Transcription)
22 Blues For You, My Love (KFBK Transcription)
23 Lonesome Hearted Blues (KFBK Transcription)
24 Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues (KFBK Transcription)
25 Milkcow Blues (KFBK Transcription)
26 Lonesome Hearted Blues with Bob Wills (Presto Transcription)
27 Roped And Tied

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