Monday, May 30, 2011

Come Home To My Heart - Country Johnny Mathis

01 Come Home To My Heart
02 It's So Lonesome In My Heart
03 There's No More Love
04 Expressing My Love
05 I'm A Dreamer
06 Take Your Heart And Go
07 All I Need Is You
08 If You Should Come Back Today
09 My Heart Is On The Paper
10 A Heart Needs A Heart
11 I'll Cry When I Call Your Name
12 Big Old Heart Full Of Love
Label:  Little Darlin' LD-0056

It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels - Norma Jean (1971)

01 It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
02 You Ain't Woman Enough
03 Divorce
04 You Changed Everything About Me But My Name
05 Ride Ride Ride
06 Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town
07 Crying Time
08 Ramblin' Man
09 A Satisfied Mind
Label:  RCA Camden CAS-2511

Two Mile Pike - Russ Hicks

01 Panhandle Rag
02 Soft Rain
03 Walk Don't Run
04 Moon River
05 Two Mile Pike
06 Nashville Nectar
07 Mounce Bounce
08 Do It Right
09 Georgia
10 High Noon
11 I Dream, He Does
12 Laney's Loft

Please Be My New Love - Jeannie Seely (1970)

01 Heart Over Mind
02 Jeannie's Song (Medley)
03 Out Loud
04 I'm Afraid I Lied
05 The Fightin' Side Of Me
06 You Wouldn't Know Love
07 Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone
08 Please Be My New Love
09 Have You Found It Yet
10 Hungry Eyes (Mama's Hungry Eyes)
11 What Kind Of Bird Is That
Label:  Decca DL-75228

The Gloryland Way - Hank Locklin with The Imperials (1966)

01 Anywhere Is Home
02 Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
03 Good Book Song
04 Lead Me Gently Home, Father
05 It Is Love
06 Upper Room
07 Gloryland Way
08 Kneel At The Cross
09 Wings Of A Dove
10 Come And Dine
11 Just Over In The Gloryland
12 That Inner Glow
Label:  RCA Victor LSP-3656

The Fabulous Don Gibson - Don Gibson (1965)

01 Ice Cold Heart
02 I Just Love The Way You Tell A Lie
03 No Shoulder To Cry On
04 Walkin' In The Moonlight
05 Symptoms Of Love
06 Sample Kisses
07 You Cast Me Out (Forevermore)
08 Many Times I've Wanted
09 We're Stepping Out Tonight
10 Selfish With Your Kisses
Label:  Harmony HS-11158

Love Or Something Like It - Kenny Rogers (1978)

01 Love Or Something Like It
02 There's A Lot Of That Going Around
03 Buried Treasures
04 Something About Your Song
05 Momma's Waiting
06 We Could Have Been The Closest Of Friends
07 I Could Be So Good For You
08 Sail Away
09 Even A Fool Would Let Go
10 Highway Flyer
11 Starting Again
Label:  United Artists UALA-903H

Voice Of Authority - Tex Williams (1966)

01 Five Feet Deep In Teardrops
02 Late Movie
03 Empty Letter
04 Pickin' White Gold
05 Where The Sad People Are
06 Between Today And Tomorrow
07 Suspicion
08 Closer Closer Closer
09 Long John
10 Smokey Hollow
11 Hammer And Nails
12 You're Everywhere
Label:  Imperial LP-12309

The Pride Of The Prairie - Patsy Montana

01 My Million Dollar Smile (1939)
02 Pride Of The Prarie (1937)
03 My Song Of The West (1939)
04 I Wanna Be A Western Cowgirl (1939)
05 Montana (1939)
06 There's A Ranch In The Sky (1937)
07 Ridin' The Sunset Trail (1937)
08 My Dear Old Arizona Home (1938)
09 With A Banjo On My Knees (1937)
10 He's A Wild And Reckless Cowboy (1937)
11 Singing In The Saddle (1939)
12 Old Nevada Moon (1939)
13 The Moon Hangs Low On The Ohio (1939)
14 Cowboy Rhythm (1938)
15 When The Flowers Of Montana Are Blooming (1932)
16 Chuck Wagon Blues (1936)
17 Little Sweetheart Of The Ozarks (1938)
18 I Love My Daddy Too (1932)
19 I'd Love To Be A Cowgirl (But I'm A Scared Of Cows) (1939)
20 Waltz Of The Hills (1938)
21 Strawberry Roan (1938)
22 You're Gonna Be Sorry (1945)
23 Shy Anne From Old Cheyenne (1941)
24 Going Back To Old Montana (1936)
25 High Falutin' Newton (1938)
26 My Baby's Lullaby (1936)

The Thompson Touch - Hank Thompson (1977)

01 Don't Get Around Much Anymore
02 She's Just A Whole Lot Like You
03 Simple Simon, Simple Heart
04 It Gets More Like Monday Everyday
05 Just An Old Flame
06 Bummin' Around
07 Just One Step Away
08 When You've Seen One Broken Heart
09 Absent Minded Me
10 Comin' In For Rye
Label:  Dot DO-2069

Golden Country Hits - Hank Thompson (1964)

01 San Antonio Rose
02 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
03 The Wild Side Of Life
04 Shot Gun Boogie
05 Back Street Affair
06 Detour
07 Wabash Cannonball
08 You Nearly Lose Your Mind
09 Yesterday's Girl
10 I'll Keep On Loving You
11 I Don't Hurt Anymore
12 Beer Barrel Polka
Label:  Capitol ST-2089

Back In The Swing Of Things - Hank Thompson (1976)

01 Big Band Days
02 Forgive Me
03 Annie Over
04 I'll Sign My Heart Away
05 Three Little Swigs
06 Honky Tonk Girl
07 Hangover Tavern
08 Yesterday's Girl
09 Another Shot Of Toddy
10 Bring Back The Waltzes
11 Play For Me One Polka
Label:  Dot DOSD-2060

Where Is The Circus & Other Heart Breaking Hits - Hank Thompson (1966)

01 Where Is the Circus
02 I'll Set My Teardrops To Music
03 Number One On The Hurt Parade
04 I've Got A Date With A Teardrop
05 The Big One Got Away
06 Love Walked Out Long Before She Did
07 The Green Light
08 Most Of All
09 New Blackboard Of My Heart
10 Breaking The Rules
11 Humpty Dumpty Heart
12 Squaws Along The Yukon
Label:  Warner Brothers WS-1664

Truck Driver's Dream - Jeannie C Riley (1979)

01 You've Got Me Singing Nursery Rhymes
02 The Heart He Kicks Around
03 I'll Be A Woman Of The World
04 I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here
05 How Can Anything So Right Be So Wrong
06 What About Them
07 No One Ever Lost More
08 One Slightly Used Wedding Band
09 The Price I Pay To Stay
10 Deaf, Dumb And Blind
Label:  Little Darling Records 10079

Country Queens - Jeannie C Riley (1976)

01 Before The Next Teardrop Falls
02 Deception
03 Pages Of My Mind
04 I Can't Put My Arms Around A Memory
05 I Can Help
06 Ex-Mrs Jones
07 I Can't Cry Enough To Stop My Loving You
08 Love Me Till The Morning Comes
09 That's How It Is With You And Me
10 In A Moment Of Weakness

Greatest Hits - Jeannie C Riley (1971)

01 Harper Valley PTA
02 Things Go Better With Love
03 The Rib
04 Duty Not Desire
05 My Man
06 There Never Was A Time
07 The Back Side Of Dallas
08 Country Girl
09 The Girl Most Likely
10 The Generation Gap
Label:  Plantation PLP-13

The Girl Most Likely - Jeannie C Riley (1971)

01 The Girl Most Likely
02 Run Jeannie, Run
03 The Wedding Cake
04 Shed Me No Tears
05 That's How It Is With Him And Me
06 Our Minnie
07 The Tree Of Joy
08 No Brass Band
08 The Artist
Label:  Hilltop JS-6098

The Songs Of Jeannie C Riley - Jeannie C Riley (1969)

01 The Price I Pay To Stay
02 Neglected
03 I'll Be A Woman Of The World
04 How Can Anything So Right Be So Wrong
05 No One Ever Lost More
06 One Slightly Used Wedding Band
07 You've Got Me Singing Nursery Rhymes
08 What About Them
09 The Heart He Kicks Around
10 I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here
11 Deaf, Dumb And Blind
12 You Write The Music, I'll Write The Words
Label:  Little Darling Records

Things Go Better With Love - Jeannie C Riley (1969)

01 The Rib
02 Sunday After Church
03 I'm Only A Woman
04 A Real Woman
05 There Never Was A Time
06 Things Go Better With Love
07 I'm The Woman
08 The Wedding Cake
09 Thin Ribbon Of Smoke
10 Our Minnie
11 The Back Side Of Dallas
Label:  Plantation PLP-3

Country Feeling - Porter Wagoner (1969)

01 Country Music Has Gone to Town
02 Blue Moon of Kentucky
03 Wakin' Up The Crowd
04 Legend of The Big Steeple
05 Will You Be Lovin' Another Man
06 Head Over Heels in Love With You
07 Falling Again
08 Doll Face
09 Just Before Dawn
10 Little Cabin Home In The Hills
Label:  RCA Camden CAS-2321

What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen - Porter Wagoner (1972)

01 What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen
02 Waldo The Weirdo
03 The Rubber Room
04 If I Lose My Mind
05 Comes And Goes
06 I Found A Man
07 More Than Words Can Tell
08 Little Bird
09 Sitting In The Shade
10 Many Kinds Of Love
Label:  RCA Victor LSP-4661

Please Get My Name Right - Twiggy (1977)

01 Rings
02 I Hope We Get To Love In Time
03 Cooking School
04 I'll Be Doggone
05 I Lie Awake And Dream Of You
06 Fish In The Sea
07 My Town
08 Brown Shoes
09 You've Got Me To Hold On To
10 I Love Us
11 Everything Falls Into Place
12 20-20 Hindsight
13 Please Get My Name Right
Label:  Mercury 9102-601

Twiggy - Twiggy (1976)

01 Vanilla O'Lay
02 Good For You Too
03 Just Bidin' My Time
04 Pieces Of April
05 Appalachian Boy
06 Rain On The Roof
07 Here I Go Again
08 Vaudeville Man
09 Caravan Tonight
10 Done My Cryin' Time
11 Everything Comes In Time
Label:  Mercury 9102-600

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sailor - Mickey Newbury (1979)

01 Blue Sky Shinin'
02 Let's Have a Party
03 There's a Part of He Still Holding on Somehow
04 Weed Is a Weed
05 Let It Go
06 Looking for the Sunshine
07 Darlin' Take Care of Yourself
08 Long Gone
09 Night You Wrote That Song
10 Sailor
11 Song of Sorrow
12 Let's Say Goodbye One More Time
13 That Was the Way It Was Then
14 Country Boy Saturday Night
15 Truly Blue
16 Just as Long as That Someone Is You
17 Over the Mountain
18 Catchers in the Rye
19 I Still Love You (After All These Years)
Label:  Hickory HB-44017

Lovers - Mickey Newbury (1975)

01 Apples Dipped in Candy
02 Lovers
03 Sail Away
04 When Do We Stop Starting Over
05 Lead On
06 How's the Weather
07 If You Ever Get to Houston
08 You've Always Got the Blues
09 Let Me Sleep
10 Good Night
Label:  Elektra 7E-1030

I Came To Hear The Music - Mickey Newbury (1974)

01 I Came to Hear the Music
02 Breeze Lullaby
03 You Only Live Once (In a While)
04 Yesterday's Gone
05 If You See Her
06 Dizzy Lizzy
07 If I Could Be
08 Organized Noise
09 Love, Look at Us Now
10 Baby's Not Home
11 1 X 1 Ain't 2
Label:  Elektra 7E-1007

Heaven Help The Child - Mickey Newbury (1973)

01 In '59
02 I Don't Love You
03 The Last Question (In The Dead Of Night)
04 Here Comes The Rain Baby
05 One More Song Of Hearts & Flowers
06 A Moment With Heather
07 Where Are You Darlin'
08 Tonight
09 Maybe
10 So Sad - A Long Road Home
11 116 Westfield Street
Label:  Elektra EKS-75055

Live In Montezula - Mickey Newbury (1973)

01 How I Love Them Old Songs
02 Heaven Help The Child
03 Earthquake
04 Cortelia Clark
05 I Came To Hear The Music
06 San Francisco Mabel Joy
07 Bugger Red Blues (The Truck Song)
09 An American Trilogy
10 Please Send Me Someone To Love - Percy Mayfield
11 She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
Label:  Elektra 7E-2007

Frisco Mabel Joy - Mickey Newbury (1971)

01 An American Trilogy
02 How Many Times (Must the Piper Be Paid for His Song)
03 Interlude
04 The Future's Not What It Used to Be
05 Mobile Blue
06 Frisco Depot
07 You're Not My Same Sweet Baby
08 Interlude
09 Remember the Good
10 Swiss Cottage Place
Label:  Elektra 7E-2007

Looks Like Rain - Mickey Newbury (1969)

01 Write a Song a Song-Angeline
02 She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
03 I Don't Think Much About Her No More
04 T. Total Tommy
05 33rd of August
06 When the Baby in My Lady Gets the Blues
07 San Francisco Mabel Joy
08 Looks Like Baby's Gone
Label:  Mercury SR-61236

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harlequin Melodies: The Complete RCA Recordings - Mickey Newbury (1968)

01 Sweet Memories
02 Here Comes The Rain Baby
03 Mister Can't You See
04 How Many Times
05 Are My Thoughts With You
06 Harlequin Melodies
07 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
08 Time Is A Thief
09 Good Morning Dear
10 Weeping Annaleah
11 Just Dropped In
12 Sunshine
13 Get Down On Saturday
14 Queen
15 Organized Noise
16 Remember The Good
17 Future's Not What It Used To Be
18 How I Love Them Old Songs
19 If You Ever Get To Houston
20 She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
21 Dizzy Lizzy
22 American Trilogy
Label:  RCA Victor LSP-4043

My Baby Packed Up My Mind And Left Me - Dallas Frazier (1971)

01 My Baby Packed Up My Mind And Left Me
02 I'm Finally Over You
03 Where Is My Castle
04 White Fences
05 Touching Home
06 Big Mable Murphy
07 Got My Mind On The Border Of Mexico
08 She Wakes Me With A Kiss Every Morning
09 Ode To A Child Of The Wind
10 Where Did They Go Lord
Label:  RCA Victor LSP-4569

Singing My Songs - Dallas Frazier (1970)

01 There Goes My Everything
02 California Cottonfields
03 All I Have To Offer You Is Me
04 Lord Is That Me
05 If My Heart Had Windows
06 Son Of The Hickory Holler's Tramp
07 Sweetheart Don't Throw Yourself Away
08 (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again
09 I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor
10 Will You Visit Me On Sunday
11 He Wants To Be Good
Label:  RCA Victor LSP-4569

Fever - Billie Jo Spears (1979)

01 Look What They've Done To My Song
02 It Makes No Difference Now
03 He's On The Run Again
04 Danny
05 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
06 Fever
07 You're My Man
08 Ease The Want In Me
09 Dallas
10 Sunshine
Label:  Koala AW-14292

I Will Survive - Billie Jo Spears (1979)

01 I Will Survive
02 Angel In Your Arms
03 Everyday I Have To Cry Some
04 It Should Have Been Easy
05 I'm Good At What I Do
06 Livin' Our Love Together
07 I Think I'll Go Home
08 You
09 Happy Ever After
10 Rainy Days And Stormy Nights
Label:  United Artists UALA-962H

Love Ain't Gonna Wait For Us - Billie Jo Spears (1978)

01 Love Ain't Gonna Wait For Us
02 Miracle Of Love
03 (Let's Make It You And Me) In Love Again
04 Standing Tall
05 If This Is Just A Game
06 Why Did You Have To Be So Good
07 For The First Time In My Life
08 Slow Movin' Outlaw
09 Say It Again
10 Yesterday
Label:  United Artists UALA-921G

Lonely Hearts Club - Billie Jo Spears (1978)

01 Lonely Hearts Club
02 There's More To A Tear (Then Meets The Eye)
03 That's The Way It Is
04 It's The Lovin' Kind
05 Last Night Ev'ry Night
06 I've Got To Go
07 '57 Chevrolet
08 Lover's Reunion
09 A Little Something On The Side
10 All The Love I Have (I Give To You)
11 The Last Rose Of Summer
Labels:  United Artists UALA-859G

If You Want Me - Billie Jo Spears (1976)

01 If You Want Me
02 Every Time I Sing A Love Song
03 Too Much Is Not Enough
04 Loving Him Was Easier
05 Look Whose Man You Are
06 Sweet Music Man
07 Don't Ever Let Go Of Me
08 The End Of Me
09 One More Time
10 She's Out There Dancin' Alone Label:  United Artists UALA-748G

By Request - Billie Jo Spears & Del Reeves (1976)

01 On The Rebound
02 Nothing Seems To Work Anymore
03 Let Your Love Flow
04 Baby, Ride Easy
07 Let's Do It Right
08 Suspicious Minds
09 Hot Sunday Morning
10 We've Got Some Feeling To Do
Label:  United Artists UALA-649G

Blanket On The Ground - Billie Jo Spears (1975)

01 Blanket On The Ground
02 I Can Only Judge Your Future By His Past
03 Then Give Him Back To Me
04 Permanently Lonely
05 Since I Fell For You
06 See The Funny Little Cloud
07 Come On Home
08 All I Want Is You
09 Before Your Time
10 I've Never Loved Anyone More
Label:  United Artists UALA-390G

Just Singin' - Billie Joe Spears (1971)

01 Snowbird
02 Apartment No. 9
03 For The Good Times
04 When You've Hurt Me More Than I Love You
05 Heavenly Sunshine
06 Trying To See
07 Help Me Make It Through The Night
08 I Can't Get Enough Of You
09 I Love You Because
10 Goin' Steady
Label:  Capitol ST-688

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wild Side Of Life - Mickey Gilley

01 Wild Side Of Life
02 Caught In The Middle
03 Shake It For Mickey Gilley
04 Moments To Remember
05 Now That I Have You
06 Breeze
07 Sad Faced Little Fellow
08 I Still Care
09 Fraulein

Gilley's Smokin' - Mickey Gilley (1976)

01 Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time
02 There's A Song On The Jukebox
04 What Is It
05 My Babe
06 Bring It On Home To Me
07 How's My Ex Treating You
08 Lawdy Miss Clawdy
09 I Just Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind
10 I'll Fly Away
Label:  Playboy 415

City Lights - Mickey Gilley (1974)

01 City Lights
02 Big Ole Texas Tears
03 I Love You So Much It Hurts
04 Backslide
05 Fraulein
06 More And More
07 Even The Bad Times Are Good
08 You Are My Sunshine
09 Who'll Turn Out The Lights (In Your World Tonight)
10 Goodnight Irene
Label:  Playboy PB-403

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Tribute To The Demore Brothers - Louvin Brothers (1960)

01 Weary Lonesome Blues
02 Midnight Special
03 Blues Stay Away From Me
04 Sand Mountain Blues
05 Southern Moon
06 Nashville Blues
07 Brown's Ferry Blues
08 Whe It's Time From The Whippoorwill To Sing
09 Freight Train Boogie
10 Put Me On The Trail To Carolina
11 Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
12 The Last Old Shovel
Label:  Capitol T-1479

Tragic Songs Of Life - Louvin Brothers (1956)

01 Kentucky
02 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
03 Let Her Go, God Bless Her
04 What Is Home Without Love
05 A Tiny Broken Heart
06 In The Pines
07 Alabama
08 Katie Dear
09 My Brother's Will
10 Knoxville Girl
11 Take The News To Mother
12 Mary Of The Wild Moor
Label:  Capitol T-769

Country, My Way - Nancy Sinatra (1967)

01 It's Such A Pretty World Today
02 Get While The Getting's Good
03 Walk Through This World With Me
04 Jackson - with Lee Hazlewood
05 When It's Over
06 Lay Some Happiness On Me
07 Lonley Again
08 By The Way (I Still Love You)
09 Oh! Lonesome Me - with Lee Hazlewood
10 The End Of The World
11 Help Stamp Out Loneliness
12 Things - with Dean Martin
13 My Eluisive Dreams - with Lee Hazelwood
14 Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
15 Sugar Town
16 These Boots Are Made For Walking
17 Tennessee Birdwalk - with Lee Hazlewood
18 The More I See You
19 Flowers On The Wall
20 Did You Ever - with Lee Hazlewood
Label:  Sundazed 6056

The Best Of Norma Jean - Norma Jean

01 Let's Go All The Way
02 I'm Walking Advertisement (For The Blues)
03 Put Your Arms Around Her
04 Go Cat Go
05 I Cried All The Way To The Bank
06 I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him
07 You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind
08 Then Go Home To Her
09 The Shirt
10 Don't Let That Doorknob Hit You
11 Pursuing Happiness
12 The Game Of Triangles
13 Conscience Keep An Eye On Me
14 Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town
15 Heaven Help The Poor Working Girl
16 Truck Drivin' Woman
17 You Changed Everything About Me But My Name
18 One Man Band
19 Dusty Road
20 Whiskey Six Years Old
21 The Kind Of Needin' I Need

Invisable Tears - Sonny James (1969)

01 Invisible Tears
02 Even The Bad Times Are Good
03 Where Do We Go From Here
04 How Many Times Can a Man Be a Fool
05 Do What You Do, Do Well
06 I'll Keep Holding On
07 Three In a Room
08 Give Me Time
09 When I'm Gone
10 Just Ask My Heart
Label:  Hilltop JS-6067

Southern Bound - Kenny Price (1969)

01 Southern Bound
02 Downtown Knoxville
03 Yonder Comes A Freight Train
04 Round Mound Of Sound
05 I'm A Long Way From Home
06 Sunshine Man
07 I'm A Ramblin' Man
08 It Don't Mean A Thing To Me
09 Grass Won't Grow On A Busy Street
10 My Goal For Today
11 Going Home For The Last Time
12 I Had No Reason For Leaving
Label:  Boone BLPS-1214